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Crystal Winds Live





Saturday, November 18, 2023


Performance with conversation



As part of our exploration into traditional and sacred musical forms, the Reethaus welcomes Crystal Winds, a duo playing Carnatic music, one of two Indian classical music genres that evolved from ancient Hindu texts and traditions, particularly the Samaveda. The duo consists of Loup Barrow, one of the few musicians to play the Cristal Baschet, a chromatically tuned instrument invented in 1953, and a young virtuoso named Flute J. A. Jayant on the bansuri flute, an instrument dating back to the Vedic period. The glass rods of the Cristal Baschet are played with the fingertips to produce acoustic waves that comix with the sounds of the bansuri flute as the duo follows the strict rules of Carnatic music, including the rhythmic tala system.

The performance takes place in the inner room of the Reethaus, an intimate space where audience and artist are in close communion. The performance will be followed by a moderated conversation with the artists, as well as the curators of the performance, Alexandra de Cadaval and Alain Weber, the world music advisor to the Philharmonie de Paris. Together, Cadaval and Weber direct and curate the Sacred Spirit Festival of Jodhpur and Nagaur, the Fez World Sacred Music Festival and Les Orientales d’Anjou Festival in Saint-Florent le Vieil and Angers.


Crystal Winds

Crystal Winds consists of Loup Barrow and Flute J.A. Jayant. Barrow is a Paris-born multi-instrumentalist who played violin and drums before turning to instruments whose sounds attracted him: the dulcimer, steel drums, chromatic Mbira, and eventually, the Cristal Baschet. Flute J. A. Jayant is one of the most prominent and popular instrumentalists from India performing across the globe, popularising the art of Carnatic music and Carnatic Flute. A young virtuoso, he started performing at the age of 7 and has completed over 31 international concert tours . He is known for developing a unique fingering and blowing technique on thick-walled bamboo flutes, producing beautiful music with supreme tonality and precision.


Alain Weber and Alexandra de Cadaval

Alain Weber dedicated his life to traditional music after an extensive career on various musical fronts, including stage productions and musical direction. Weber is the artistic director for the Fez World Sacred Music Festival and Les Orientales d’Anjou Festival in Saint-Florent le Vieil and Angers. Alexandra de Cadavel, co-curator of the evening, has directed several other world music festivals, including Os Orientais and Évora’Afrika, a three month festival dedicated to of African music and Art, both in Évora, Portugal. Additionally she has directed programs in Mozambique focused on music as a means of cross-generational livelihood and mode of intercultural exchange. Further,  de Cadaval co-directs the Sacred Spirit Festival in Nagaur and Jodhpur, with Weber as artistic director.