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Open Haus Human Nature Machine


(Spatial Futures)





Sunday, April 28, 2024


Listening Experience

Composed by the sound artist William Russell, founder of the pioneering spatial sound collective Monom, “Human Nature Machine” is an embodied listening experience that explores our relationship with the organic and inorganic world around us.

Through the improvised and spatialized interplay of piano and voice with synthetic sounds that evoke the sonic dynamics of natural phenomena and weather patterns, the listening experience brings to life the sounds of endangered and extinct species and biomes. Functioning as a conversation between the space and the sonic phenomena that occur within it, the work places the listener in an augmented sonic reality, a space for reflection on human nature, our place in the world and our collective future.

Adapted for the 360-degree spatial sound system embedded into the inner room of the Reethaus, the listening experience kicks off our “Spatial Futures” series, curated by Monom.


(Spatial Futures)

The pioneering spatial sound collective Monom presents works that highlight the emergent power of spatial sound methodologies and the significance of this new technological medium within contemporary culture, specifically adapted for the inner room of the Reethaus. Founded in 2017, Monom is home to the original 4DSOUND system, an intuitive instrument for composing virtual sonic realities by projecting vibrational sound holograms articulated through controlled dimension, movement, resolution and interaction within space. These new worlds of sound are designed not only to be heard, but to be felt with the whole body.

Monom believes in the potential of this artform to transcend cultural divides through a common language of sound and space. Its network of artists, technologists, studios and venues serves as a conduit for the exchange of ideas and collaborations worldwide, forging a tightly-knit community founded on the profound act of embodied listening—a practice considered increasingly vital for collective well-being.


William Russell

The Australian artist and founder of Monom is a key figure in the worldwide spatial sound movement. Russell, whose practice entails the usage of archives and field recordings, has collaborated with more than 150 artists worldwide, spanning genres from music to dance, opera, theater, VR and AR. Working with technology developed by the Amsterdam-based studio 4DSOUND, Russell immerses spectators in a 360° sound bath that forms, in his words, “an electronic symphony, an instrument to play the space.” In addition to partnering with major institutions like CTM and European Spatial Sound Exchange (ESSE), Russell most recently opened a permanent installation at New York’s Mercer Labs, Museum for Art and Technology, which opened in early 2024.