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Lyra Pramuk Live


Soundwalk Collective





Sunday, October 29, 2023


Performance with conversation




Light food and drinks

As part of Soundwalk Collective’s “Transmissions” series, Lyra Pramuk performs a site-specific arrangement of her “futuristic folk music,” fusing classical vocalism, pop sensibilities, performance practices and contemporary club culture that integrates the intimacies of the club, the emotional multitude of trans experiences and the forbidding possibilities of social and physical technologies.

The performance takes place in the inner room of the Reethaus, an intimate space where audience and artist are in close communion. Light food and drinks will be served over the course of the evening and the listening session will be followed by a panel discussion with Lyra Pramuk.



Soundwalk Collective invites key influences and frequent collaborators featured across their extended body of work to participate in a series that samples from the past 60 years of sonic arts. Reflecting a personal view on collaboration as an essential aspect of the creative process, the series presents a broad summary of the sonic landscapes that they have developed over the past two decades. Seminal masterworks and newer pieces blend into a cohesive yet varied ensemble that spans musique concrète, performance art, contemporary and mystical music. All of these genres have in common a meditative dimension, a transitional nature that has been at the core of Soundwalk Collective’s work.

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Lyra Pramuk

Growing up singing in choirs, Lyra struggled to conform to the images and expectations of her small Pennsylvania town, creating a deep and complex internet-fueled interior world in response and presaging her view of digital worlds as extensions of our embodied consciousness, liberated from real-world notions of presentation and acceptable knowledge. A diligent student at the Eastman School of Music, she later found communal ecstasy in the temples of choir and rave, learning that her skills lay in breaking with and reinterpreting the traditions of the academically-pure classical music that she was expected to uphold.

Composed and arranged entirely from the sound of her own voice, “Fountain,” her debut on Bedroom Community, was hailed as “a potent religious text in praise of human vocality’s promise” (The Quietus). “Fountain” integrates the intimacies of the club, the emotional multitude of trans experiences, and the forbidding possibilities of social and physical technologies into “an excavation of her own body’s resonant possibilities” (Pitchfork), envisioning a post-human queer futurity. Her forthcoming compilation “Delta” showcases a global interpretation of Fountain’s psyche, through reworking, recomposing, and reconstructing the source material, projecting them through the many lenses of her colleagues and collaborators.